• Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Purple Tuesday’?

Purple Tuesday is a programme that encourages organisations to make changes to improve the customer experience for disabled people, that work 365 days a year.

When is it?

Purple Tuesday takes place 365 days a year, but we will be celebrating our participants successes on 2nd November 2021.

What’s it all about?

In the UK alone, the Purple Pound (the spending power of disabled people and their families) is worth a staggering £274 billion which is estimated to be rising by 14% per year.

The aim of Purple Tuesday is to make organisations aware of the numerous commercial and social opportunities available to them once they make the changes to be more disability inclusive.

Who’s behind it?

Purple Tuesday was created and is co-ordinated by Purple, a disability organisation supports businesses to put into action disability inclusion activities through a range of products and services.

Do we have to make a commitment?

To participate in Purple Tuesday, you are required to make at least one new commitment that will change the customer experience for disabled people. You are however welcome to register to Purple Tuesday and confirm this commitment at a later date.

What are participants being asked to do?

All participants must commit to at least one action aimed at improving the customer experience for disabled people.

The exact nature of the commitment is up to each individual business, depending on their specific resources and needs. However, examples include undertaking an on-line and/or physical access audit, introducing regular ‘quiet hours’ for those with sensory impairments, introducing disability-related customer service training or introducing more inclusive marketing and product photography.

What resources will be made available?

Once registered as a participant, your organisation will gain access to the following:

  • Online accessibility top tips guide
  • A site accessibility top tips guide
  • A customer service top tips guide
  • A guide for accessible deliveries
  • ‘Not every disability is visible’ poster and flyer
  • Various template letters to promote Purple Tuesday
  • Infographics covering key disability statistics to share in your networks and across Social Media
  • Printable photo props


There is also be the opportunity to purchase various Purple Tuesday Support Packages, including:

  • Disabled Customer Service Toolkit
  • Purple Tuesday Lunch and Learn
  • Disabled Customer Service Training
  • Consultancy

Who can get involved?

Any business or organisation that interacts with disabled customers or clients, whether that be at a physical location, online, by telephone etc. All are welcome.

Does my business need to be a Purple Member or Partner?

No, you just need to be committed to improving the customer experience for your disabled customers. However, we would encourage all participants to consider signing up as a Purple Member or Partner so you can benefit from the products and services that will accelerate and deepen your disability activities. You will also network with other like-minded organisations and benefit from their experience and expertise.

Will it cost a lot of money to participate?

Purple Tuesday is completely free to participate in. All other costs are at the discretion of your organisation which will be impacted by the commitments you choose to make and how involved you wish to be with Purple Tuesday i.e. organising an event, purchasing merchandise, choosing to be a Purple Tuesday Partner etc.

As part of our commitment to you, whether you pay to take part or not, we will provide your organisation with the tools needed to guide your organisation in the right steps for your disability journey.

Do we have to be completely accessible to participate?

The term ‘disability’ covers such a wide range of needs for many different people. Purple Tuesday is about continuously improving the customer experience for disabled people.

Essentially, no organisation will ever be completely accessible as there will always be room for improvement.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. What you put into Purple Tuesday, you will get back out and your disabled customers will benefit in equal measure.

Still have more questions? Email us at Info@PurpleTuesday.org.uk

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