Why Purple?

  • Purple has over 30 years of experience in supporting organisations across public and private sectors with disability, inclusion, accessibility, and recruitment related issues.
  • By engaging with our expert consultants to discuss the future of your disability inclusive journey, we will build the disability capacity of your people and senior management team to support you in developing a truly inclusive business culture.
  • Our highly specialised team will provide extensive insight into areas such as digital and physical accessibility, inclusive recruitment, policy and process, accessible communications and recommend actions to support your disability inclusion journey.
  • We can design and deliver bespoke training sessions for your Board and line managers on disability and accessibility-related matters to ensure further inclusion at all levels of your business.
  • Our activities will provide added value to your disability engagement and form part of future employee investment, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and talent acquisition, engagement, and development.

Why disability is important to business

  • The spending power of disabled people and their household worldwide is currently estimated to be worth $8 trillion, increasing by 14% per annum. Only 10% of businesses have a targeted strategy for this huge market.
  • There are 2 billion disabled people in the world that represents 37.5% of world’s population.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 working adults have a disability.
  • 75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from a business because of poor accessibility or customer service.
  • 31% of the UK workforce have been formally diagnosed with a mental health issue. Yet only 13% of staff felt able to disclose a mental health issue to their workplace.
  • 80% of disabled people have hidden impairments.
  • In 2016, a survey found that more than 4 million people in the UK abandoned a retail website because of the barriers they found, taking with them an estimated spend of £11.75 billion. In 2019, that lost business, the ‘Click-Away Pound’, has grown to £17.1 billion.

Working with Purple

  • Support your organisation’s approach to current and future disabled staff and approach to disabled consumers.
  • Help develop and grow disability leadership across your organisation.
  • Support you to gather the evidence to inform your wider responsible business programme.
  • Can provide evidence to demonstrate your organisation’s good practices and how you meet legislative and reporting requirements.

 Our work provides

  • Rigorous assessments using recognised standards e.g. BS76005: 2017- Valuing People through Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Supporting evidence to your organisation’s Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosures.
  • Support and inform your organisation’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) activities.
  • Evidence to addresses 7 of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).